Developing the framework and curriculum for Mozambique’s Marine Conservation Leadership Programme

Likhulu serves to meet Mozambique’s marine conservation needs. One such critical need- identified through multiple sources and assessments- is the requirement for enhanced capacity and additional human resources for improved MPA management. At present, Mozambique has proclaimed eight MPA’s (including Marromeu Reserve which contains roughly 30 km of coastline), representing 14,659 km2 and 2,6% Conservation Area (CA) coverage within the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Recent commitments (as of August 2022) however, will see the Government increasing Conservation Area coverage to between 10 and 12% in the near future. In order to fulfil this commitment, a force of skilled and capable marine conservation managers will need to be developed and prepared to bring about effective and sustainable management of any new or expanded protected areas. Likhulu’s Marine Conservation Leadership Programme will meet this need, and is currently being established. Our part-time, accredited Professional capacity development & skills advancement programmes will focus on building marine conservation management capacity at multiple governance levels in Mozambique. We are in the process of securing partnerships with educational institutions to issue NQF credits, and are in framework discussions with WIOMSA, the Southern African Wildlife College, and the African Leadership University. Likhulu aims to partner with the Ministry of Land and Environment and the Ministry of Seas, Inland Waters and Fisheries on this essential Leadership development initiative, and will build curriculum content with the support of numerous local and international specialists.