Coastal ecosystems baseline assessment at Mozambique Island aimed at protecting the natural and marine cultural heritage of a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mozambique Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (proclaimed in 1991) ( Yet, despite the numerous archaeological sites located in the waters around the island, marine cultural heritage (MCH) has not received the attention and, more importantly- the protection it deserves. Likhulu will be partnering up with the Rising from Depths Network at the University of Edinburgh and the Centro de Arquelogia, Investigação e Recursos da Ilha de Moçambique (CAIRIM- Universidade Eduardo Mondlane), to survey coastal and marine ecosystems around Mozambique Island. Pressures on the resource have ranged from damage by salvage operations and insensitive developments, to poor fishing practices and pollution. The baseline surveys will support the establishment, development, and monitoring of a marine protected area around Mozambique Island and transform the way in which cultural heritage and the environment are managed, by integrating community leadership and traditional knowledge. For more information, visit: